25 Lion-taming hints for Apple’s OS X 10.7

25 Lion-taming hints for Apple’s OS X 10.7

How much of human life is lost in waiting.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
We’re still waiting. Reading and re-reading the official Apple [AAPL] new Lion feature list. We’d been led to expect it earlier this week, it didn’t happen. To pass the time I thought I’d corral some little Lion hints and details I’ve collected in the last few months, 25 Lion-taming hints for Apple’s OS X 10.7.
Don’t forget to back-up before you install the OS. Take a look at Computerworld’s preparation advice here, or for even more detail why not explore TidBits always useful ‘Take Control’ books.  I’ll be getting much deeper with the OS once it ships.

[ABOVE: MacBook Air users can create a handy OS X on their USB boot drive. Or create a bootable Lion disk using instructions here.]

1. How long will this thing take to download?
Apple’s only offering Lion as a broadband capacity-breaking download, directly from the App Store. It isn’t a small file, Developer beta builds have been 3.7GB. Use that information, data on your own connection and visit Download Time Calculator to figure out how long this is going to take.

2. In the dark
Looking for the arrows to show an active application in the Dock? Stop looking, they don’t exist anymore. In theory, all apps are active (or inactive) all the time in the new OS. Miss them too much? You can re-enable them in System Preferences (Dock).

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