Services We Provide

Reliable Partner

Not all Managed IT Service providers are the same. Our tagline is Solutions Not Excuses and those are words we live by. Our mission is simple, to keep you working. Our experience across multiple industries helps us think of fresh and out of the box ideas to help your business grow.

Empowering Growth

We believe technology should work for you and not against you. Our experience helps us create a plan to meet your needs. Our managed IT services are geared to help you grow your business. These values have made us a trusted advisor in an ever changing world.

Tackle Challenges

Life is filled with challenges and we believe your technology should not be one of them. We work closely with you and your vendors to make sure you are receiving all the products and services promised. Whether it is Cloud or Security, we have your back.


We have serviced small to medium business technology needs for over 25 years. We have seen things come and go and come back again. That broad perspective helps us provide sound advice on  a wide range of technology topics. The list below is a large part of what we do, but not everything. Ready to talk?  Give us a call at 336-344-1261.



  • Network Monitoring & Management

Tech Authority performs deep network monitoring using SNMP, Syslog, and Traps giving us a deeper look into traffic using NetFlow / sFlow / IPFix protocols.


  • Device Monitoring & Maintenance

Tech Authority monitors customer devices ranging from Windows to Mac, networking hardware, as well as websites, DNS records, and email servers. Whether its software or hardware updates, vides routine maintenance across your entire business.


  • Help Desk & Remote Access

Tech Authority has best-in-class remote access, providing quick and reliable support to address day-to-day IT-related interruptions.


  • Patch Management

Tech Authority state-of-the-art patching engine allows us to patch operating systems as well as third-party software, so you can rest easy knowing your systems are always up-to-date.


  • Layered Security Approach

Tech Authority tackles our client’s security from various angles – we deploy and manage antivirus on the endpoints, monitor router firewall configuration for changes, manage and track backup jobs, and monitor traffic flow.


  • System Design and Upgrades

Tech Authority works with a number of brand named and warrantied products to provide you the best product at a reasonable price. We don’t design our plans with product profit in mind. Our pricing is completely transparent and comes directly from the vendor who will complete your purchase. This way we are able to remain neutral in our product offerings.


  • IT Consulting

Tech Authority provides IT expertise to help evaluate the health of your business and deliver a robust IT and security plan that will scale as your business grows.


  • Cloud Services

Tech Authority works with a variety of cloud products. Whether you are looking to put your server in the cloud, workstations or entire network. We can go over the benefits and pitfalls, design and then implement the plan.